Thursday, July 21, 2011

Roses are Red, Grass is Green, and the Sky is Blue: A defense for the relentless pursuit of beauty, or...

...Why a 35 year old preacher likes Owl City

How did it come to this?  I took a look at my iTunes “My Top Rated” playlist.  You know, that playlist that has all the songs you have rated four stars or more.  I used to take some pride in the eclectic nature of my musical taste, but over the past two years, the diversity in “My Top Rated” has seen a serious erosion.  My playlist has been captured, no hijacked, by the music of Owl City.  I find this unsettling for more than one reason, chief of them being the major demographic that enjoys this music.  It forces me to question, “How did I come to this?” Read more...

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  1. When you test drive that Mustang (which is my vote if you're not considering a Camaro), I'll meet you in mine and we'll see which has the most get up and go. But for a better, more fair match, I guess I'm gonna have to let the husband drive it instead, since I get dizzy thinking about going too fast