Thursday, June 7, 2012

GA Day One

The fathers and brothers have met and the fellowship is sweet.  After a morning of advisory committee meetings, we gathered to begin our business.  I was attached to the advisory committee that reviewed the committee on coordination.  That would be a committee, that examines the report of a committee, that determines the budget of committees.  While seemingly the abstract from a bureaucrat's utopia, it was an uplifting time that demonstrated the necessity and blessing of the Worldwide Outreach of the church.

The first session took up the reports of the clerk and trustees, but the bulk of our time was spent hearing the report of the foreign missions committee.  Thank God that He work not only in domestic locales, but around the world.  Continue to pray for our brothers and sisters around the world that face persecution for their faith in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

After a warm time of barbecue and fellowship, we assembled for the evening session.  We heard the reports of the committees of Christian education and home missions.  It is wonderful to see how God works through the gifts He gives to the church.  I began the day digging into the details of the Worldwide Outreach budget and then heard the reports of all the committees involved in the church's Worldwide Outreach.  May God grant us greater resources to meet the harvest.  Tonight, my dear brothers and sisters, pray the Lord of the harvest to send (and fund) more workers into the harvest.  The fields are ripe unto harvest.

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