Saturday, October 12, 2013

Questions from VA

While on vacation, I have time to ponder certain things that I normally do not have the leisure to consider.  Such as...

1.  With all these mountain roads, why do I always fly to visit my parents?

2.  If our national parks are America's best idea, why are park service personnel non-essential?

3.  Speaking of the government shutdown, if all the Prius drivers seem to have vacated their commutes, why don't they use public transportation?

4.  How is it that Amish women with seventeenth century technology can accomplish with flour what twenty-first century bleeding edge technology cannot replicate?

5.  Is it an over-reaction that I anticipate the collapse of western society when people don't understand my oblique reference to Mao's "little red book"?

6.  How come the fastest way from Lancaster, PA to northern VA runs through Baltimore?

Pictures coming soon.


  1. Possible answer to #1: 'Cause isn't there a lot of interstate driving first--alternately boring or conjested--before you get to the beautiful mountains with their challenging curves? (I'm thinking about the fun you could have in your Subaru.)

  2. In a Subaru, there are no "boring" roads.