Wednesday, June 4, 2014

GA Diary Day 1

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My day began at 3am.  Once I got to the airport, the first inconvenience arose.  The metal detector at security screening was broken.  That required the poor TSA officials to "pat down" everyone.  Our flight boarded after it was scheduled to take off.  Needless to say we were late.

In ATL, the plane parked at the E concourse.  My connecting flight was at A concourse.  Those of you who know that airport can do the math.

In Grand Rapids, I met with something I was not expecting - rain.  I had checked the weather for Grand Rapids, but did not expect "showers of blessing."  Nevertheless, I am thankful for safety during my travels.

The College dorm rooms have a missing feature to which I have become accustomed.  There is no air conditioner.  And why should there be?  For a college that meets during the fall through spring this far north, I doubt the temperature requires this appliance that we in the south find so necessary.  I will be keeping the windows open as soon as the rain stops.

The outgoing moderator gave an uplifting message from the end of Isaiah 66.  We elected a new moderator. (I voted for the other guy because I love an underdog.)  We settled out affairs for tomorrow and adjourned early.  For me, straight to bed.  My eyes candfl barelys....................................

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