Thursday, June 5, 2014

GA Diary Day 2

For the Official report, click here.

This day in the GA is reserved for the work of advisory committees.  I was assigned to the innocuously named Advisory Committee 2.  This committee was assigned the duty to report on the work of the Committee on Christian Education, Overture 1, and Communication 6.  While most people understand the work of Christian Education, a number of issues kept our committee some time to resolve.  We barely completed in time for the reconvening of the assembly.  I pray that my questions and contributions advanced our work rather than hindered. (not that I was a major participant in the discussions)

The devotional offered by Pastor Reason (true story), reminded us to never relent in the hope of our miracle working God.  I preach this often to myself and others, but it helps to have it preached by another.

The meeting resumed with the reports of the general secretary, statistician, trustees and Committee on Home Missions and Church Extension.  The evening concluded with the report from the Committee on Foreign Missions.  I know I am tired and need to go to bed because I can't remember what day this is.  I know it ends in "day"...

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