Thursday, June 4, 2015

GA Day 1

Another year, another GA, not Georgia, but the 82nd General Assembly of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church meeting at Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa.  After a grueling day of travel which included an hour drive to the airport, uneventful flights, and another hourlong drive to the college.  Speaking of airports both DFW and FSD were undergoing construction.  At DFW, gates B12 through B4 were blocked.  Gates B1-3 are in a really strange place.  DFW is just a weird airport in my opinion.

FSD was also undergoing construction.  The construction blocked access from the gate to the baggage pickup belts.  To get to the baggage pickup, you have to exit the terminal through the ticketing doors and reenter through the pickup doors.  The noise of construction only assisted in blocking out the noise of a bird who had taken up roost in the building.

I made it just in time to make it to dinner.  Afterward, the GA convened with a worship service in lieu of the normal Sunday evening.  We then plowed through the opening of the docket and recessed until the next day.  I will be serving on the advisory committee looking at the historian and the statistician.

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