Friday, June 5, 2015

GA Day 2

I will begin by describing my dorm.  It is always unusual for me to return to the dorm life.  This one added a new experience as the hall shared a central bathroom/showers.  I do enjoy having a room to myself.

The morning was taken with Advisory Committee work.  It was encouraging to hear the work of the committees we interviewed.

The afternoon passed without incident, primarily because the GA did not reconvene until after dinner.  Apparently, some advisory committees did not enjoy the same irenic spirit as I did.  It allowed me to put in some calls to encourage folks back home.  Nevertheless, because of the uncertainty when the assembly would reconvene, there was an unavoidable amount of dead time.  I did get the opportunity to catch up with a number of colleagues.

While I have the time, I will let you see some of the sculpture/art that sits on the mall area between my dorm and the Commons cafeteria.  This is a sundial that I found interesting.  It demonstrates some inventive engineering, but isn’t as controversial as this other piece.

Here is the plaque explaining the sculpture.

At 6:45pm, we finally reconvened the assembly.  We proceeded through the reports of the stated clerk and statistician.  We heard the encouraging and challenging report of the Committee on Foreign Missions.  I was planning to watch Golden State play LaBron, but was too tired and called it a day.

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