Saturday, June 6, 2015

GA Day 4

We began the day continuing our work on appeal 1.  REDACTED

After the morning break, we continued to work on appeal 1.  REDACTED

After lunch, we continued to work on appeal 1.  REDACTED

While we are rolling in the deep black marker, I will tell you something more about the location.  Land is not a problem for Dordt College.  It takes 500+ steps for me to get from my residence hall to breakfast.  For this reason, I have been met each morning by a student on skateboard.  I didn’t recognize this as an important part of the Assembly experience.  I’ll have to bring one to my next GA.  I wonder if that violates any TSA regulations.

This sign appears in the cafeteria.

At 2:33PM, appeal 1 is DONE.

With the appeal disposed of, we moved through miscellaneous matters from prior reports.  We then heard the reports of the Committees of Diaconal Ministries and Pensions.  We decided to punish some members of the assembly by voting them into the committee on pensions.  Having done so, we adjourned for the day to meet again on Monday.  May you all have a blessed Lord’s Day.

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