Monday, June 8, 2015

GA Day 5

We had a blessed Lord’s Day yesterday.  I attended the Sioux Center URC church here.  I’ve never seen so many blonde-haired, blue-eyed children.  What a delight to see so many adorable children in the worship of God.

Back to work today.  Overture 1 requests a study report.  Apparently, the PNW likes study reports.  As mundane as a study regarding Canada may seem, it generated more debate than expected.  Before beginning, we had jocular conversations whether the assembly would dissolve today.  I concluded after 45 minutes, it would not.  Assembly collective psychology tends to fill up the available time absent intentional reflection.

After the morning break, we set aside our debate on overture 1 to hear the report of the Committee on Ecuminicity and Inter-church Relationships.  Since I am prejudiced in favor of the work of the committee, I will allow the more professional report inform you of that report.

After lunch, we finally finished with Overture 1 and dealt with the Committee on Coordination and the temporary committee dealing with the care of ministers.

During the afternoon break, Mr. Borg and I decided to “bless” our neighbor, Mr. Oharek.  Mr. Oharek began the assembly with two bottles of water.  These multiplied over the assembly to eight this morning.  We decided this was not enough water for our brother and in a act analogous to the Gatorade bucket over the head of the coach, we made sure our brother would remain hydrated.  Mr. Oharek remarked that since it was late in the assembly, he was moved to tears (of laughter).

After the afternoon break, we took up Appeal 2.  REDACTED

After dinner, we continued to deal with Appeal 2.  REDACTED

At 8:00pm, Appeal 2 is DONE.

We then heard the reports of the Committee on Chaplains.  We didn’t finish that report.  We go to bed exhausted, to take up the rest of the matters before the Assembly tomorrow.

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